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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fire Department:

What should I do in case of a fire?

Do not try to fight it unless you feel comfortable in your capabilities to handle the fire. The most important thing you can do is to leave the area and call 911.

What is the most common cause of fires?

A good portion of the fires in this area happen because people are careless with a stove, cigarette or other household item that can produce a fire.

What information should I have ready when reporting a fire

A person should try to be as specific as possible when reporting a fire. It is important to let the fire station know if everyone is all right, how the fire started and what type of fire it is. You should also be prepared to give your name, location and the location of the fire.

How long does it take for a fire engine to get to a fire or medical emergency after 911 has been called?

It depends on the distance and the time of the day. The fire department should arrive between one and eight minutes after the call has been placed.

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What kind of fire extinguisher should I buy?

There are two types of fire extinguishers available on the market today. They are either rechargeable or disposable and come in portable sizes. Portable extinguishers (rechargeable or disposable) for home use are not designed to fight large or spreading fires. Even against small fires, they are useful only under certain conditions. You should select only fire extinguishers that have been tested by an independent laboratory (e.g. Underwriters Laboratories) and labeled for the type and size of fire they can extinguish. Use these labels as a guide to purchase the type of extinguisher that suits your needs. Multipurpose fire extinguishers, labeled ABC, may be used on all three classes of fire. If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you can endanger yourself and make the fire worse.

Classes of fires

  • Class A: Ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth and paper.
  • Class B: Flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil and oil-based paints.
  • Class C: Energized electrical equipment, which includes wiring, fuse boxes, circuit breakers, machinery and appliances.

What is the best place for a smoke detector?

Every home should have at least one smoke alarm outside of each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement. The National Fire Alarm Code, published by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires a smoke alarm in every sleeping room for new construction. On floors without bedrooms, alarms should be installed in or near living areas, such as dens, living rooms or family rooms. Be sure everyone sleeping in your home can hear your smoke alarm.  If any residents are hearing-impaired or sleeps with bedroom doors closed, install additional alarms inside thier sleeping areas as well. There are special smoke alarms for the hearing impaired; these flash a light in addition to sounding an audible alarm. For extra protection, the NFPA suggests installing alarms in dining rooms, furnace room, utility rooms and hallways. Smoke alarms are not recommended for kitchens, bathrooms or garages where cooking fumes, steam or exhaust fumes could set off false alarms, or in attics and other unheated spaces where humidity and temperature changes might effect an alarm's operation.

Because smoke rises, mount alarms high on a wall or on the ceiling. Wall- mounted units should be mounted so that the top of the alarm is 4 to 12 inches (10 to 30 centimeters) from the ceiling. A ceiling-mounted alarm should be attached at least 4 inches (10 centimeters) from the nearest wall. In a room with a pitched ceiling, mount the alarm at or near the ceiling's highest point. In stairways with no doors at the top or bottom, position smoke alarms anywhere in the path of smoke moving up the stairs. But always position smoke alarms at the bottom of closed stairways, such as those leading from the basement, because dead air trapped near the door at the top of a stairway could prevent smoke from reaching an alarm located at the top. Don't install a smoke alarm too near a window, door or forced-air register where drafts could interfere with the alarm's operation. Remember to test the smoke detector once a month and to replace the batteries at least once a year.

Why does a fireman punch a hole in the roof of a house when it is on fire?

Punching a hole in the roof allows the firefighters to remove superheated gas and smoke from the environment making it safer for them to go inside the building in case someone needs to be saved.

Is Yanktonís Fire Department a volunteer or career department?

The Yankton Fire Department is a volunteer department. There are 45 volunteer firefighters; however, the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief are employed by the City of Yankton.

Does the city provide fire protection outside of city limits?

No, the city department only protect within the city limits.  The Yankton Rural Fire Protection District protects the rest of the county.

How many calls does the fire department receive a year?

We annually receive about 110 calls.

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Animal Control:

A dog bit my child, what should I do?

You should immediately call 911 with information describing the dog and your location.  If the skin has been broken you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

I think there is a skunk under my porch, what should I do?

Put ammonia on a rag and leave it outside. Skunks really dislike that smell and it should drive them away without them spraying.

Why does the City operate a pound? Are pets available for adoption?

The pound was established to help people find their stray animals.  It is also used to hold those animals that bite and are considered a danger to humans.  If an owner has not come to pick up their animal after its been advertised for three days, you can adopt it.

What is the charge to adopt a pet?

There is a $5.00 fee when adopting a pet.

How do I find out what animals are available for adoption?

All stray animals are posted in the Press and Dakotan on Tuesday through Saturday.  The Heartland Humane Society also posts animals available for adoption on its website.

How much does it cost to license an animal?

It costs $3.00 if it is neutered and $5.00 if it is not. The license is due annually during the month of January.

I am new in town, what are the city's pet ordinances?

You can read all the ordinances involving pets in the city ordinance (click here).

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City Manager:

Who is Yanktonís City Manager?

Amy Nelson is the current City Manager.

What are the City Managerís job responsibilities?

The City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of City Hall and management of city staff.

Where is the City Managerís Office located?

The City Managerís office is located on the second floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

How can I contact the City Manager or make an appointment?

Please contact the City Manager by calling 605-668-5221; or by mail at P.O. Box 176, Yankton, SD 57078; or via e-mail at

Why do we have a City Manager, if we have a City Commission?

The City Commission / City Manager form of government is a growing trend in communities throughout the United States. With an increasing demand for services, it becomes too difficult for cities to be run on a part-time basis. Also, there are more and more regulations being imposed upon all sections of government. A City Manager helps administer city projects and assures that the all necessary regulations are met. While the City Commission formulates the big picture and makes general plans, the City Manager administers the small details to implement the plans smoothly. A good comparison is with a school district. A school board will often decide to hire a school superintendent to help administer what the board feels needs to be done. Yanktonís form of government is no different.

What is the City Managerís relationship with the City Commission?

The City Commission appoints the City Manager, while the City Commission is elected to take action on various issues presented formally on its agenda. The two entities work together in various ways. The City Manager provides recommendations on what direction the commission should take on policies. The City Commission passes all resolutions and ordinances, and the City Manager makes sure that the measures are implemented.

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Does the City Manager attend the City Commission meetings?

Yes, city ordinance dictates that the City Manager must attend and participate in all meetings.

When does the City Commission meet?

City Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7p.m. in the City of Yankton Community Meeting Room at the Regional Technical Education Center located at 1200 W. 21st Street. The City also tapes all regular meetings for broadcast on local cable TV systems (Midcontinent Channel 3 and Knology Channel 45). If you cannot make it to the meeting or watch it on television then you can access all the meeting minutes on the Cityís Web site.

I would like to comment on an agenda item or raise an issue for the City Commissionís consideration, what do I need to do?

If you wish to speak regarding an item already on the agenda, notify the Mayor before the meeting. He will open the floor for discussion and allow you to speak. If you wish to bring up new business, notify the Mayor before the meeting. He will announce your item under new business and a short discussion will be held. If necessary, a more in-depth approach will be taken at an upcoming meeting towards your concern.

How does the City formulate its budget each year?

The City Manager, Finance Officer, Department Heads and other support staff begin preparation for the next yearís fiscal budget beginning in May of each year. The five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is reviewed as part of the budget process and each department develops its goals for the year. Budget workshops are held the third week of August with the Cit Manager, City Commission, Finance Officer, Department Heads and support staff participating. The annual budget ordinance is then adopted at the first meeting in September. The Citizenís Guide to the Budget is assembled to give residents an overview and summary of the budget, and the City Manager writes a Budget Message to provide citizens, the Mayor and City Commission with details and highlights of the upcoming budget year.

How many people work in the City Managerís Office?

The department is composed of the City Manager, Human Resources Coordinator, Administrative Secretary and Information Services Manager.

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I just moved to Yankton, how do I set up my water, garbage and sewer services?

You have to come to the Finance Department to set up an account. You will need to show your photo I.D. and complete an application card. There is a $25.00 service connection fee. The Finance office is located on the first floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut.

When will my recyclables be picked up?

Recyclable materials are picked up every other week on the same day as your garbage as part of the residential garbage collection.

I want to recycle, how do I get started?

The City of Yankton picks up recyclables free of charge for patrons of the Cityís solid waste disposal route. Items that can be recycled include newspaper, white paper, plastic containers, tin cans, aluminum cans, tinfoil, cardboard, computer paper, magazines, hard cover books, phone books and junk mail. Recyclables must be separated into the different categories of material so they can be picked up and sorted on the recycling truck. Both solid waste and recyclables must be set out for collection before 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. In order to let the solid waste personnel know that you will be recycling, you need to stop by the Cityís Finance Department to pick up a recycling sticker. Recyclables may also be dropped off at the Yankton Transfer Station during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Saturday. A brochure with helpful recycling tips is available. You can view a copy of the brochure by clicking here. A recycling schedule for the year may be viewed here.

When will the City pick up my garbage?

Your Garbage will be picked up on one of the following days depending on where you live.

  • Monday -  Burleigh Street to everything east within City Limits.
  • Tuesday -  Southern Pine Street and Northern Mulberry Street to Burleigh Street.
  • Wednesday -  Northern Broadway Avenue to Northern Mulberry Street and Southern PineSt.
  • Thursday -  Green Street to Northern Broadway Avenue and Southern Douglas Avenue.
  • Friday -  Everything West of Green Street and the Fox Run area.
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When is the Finance Department open?

The hours of City Hall are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When does the City Commission adopt its yearly budget?

The City Commission adopts the budget at its first meeting in September.

Who is the Finance Director?

Al Viereck.

How many people does the City employ?

There are approximately 135 permanent employees and 75 to 130 seasonal employees depending on the time of the year.

When are City elections held?

The City elections are held on the second Tuesday in April.

I want to open up a restaurant in Yankton, how do I obtain a license?

For any type of license, you must fill out an application form. Each license has different requirements for the applier to meet. After the application has been completed, it is sent to the necessary department to seek its approval. If it is approved, the Finance Department creates the license and mails it to you. You can view all the different types of licenses the city does by clicking here.

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Does the airport still offer commercial airline services?

No it does not.

How many pilots use Yanktonís airport?

There are approximately 35 pilots from the Yankton area who use the Chan Gurney airport and about 7,000 planes fly in annually.

Who do I call to rent a plane?

If you wish to rent a plane, contact Falcon Aviation at 605-665-3473.

Who do I contact if I am interested in obtaining a pilots license?

Please contact Falcon Aviation at 605-665-3473 or Yankton Flight Training Center 605-665-0204.

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I am a new pilot in town, are there any aviation clubs in the area?

Yes. The Yankton Regional Aviation Association meets monthly for potlucks and other activities. If you are interested in attending a meeting, call Jake Hoffner at 665-7525 or 661-7525.

Who do I call if I have a question or concern about the airport?

Please contact Airport Supervisor Mike Roinstad at 605-668-5288 for any concerns.

I plan to fly into Yankton soon, who do I contact to get the weather conditions and other necessary information for landing a plane?

Please contact Airport Supervisor Mike Roinstad at 605-668-5288.

Who do I call to rent a hangar?

Chan Gurney Airport has hanger space available for interested pilots. Please contact Airport Supervisor Mike Roinstad at 605-668-5288 for availability.

Who do I call if I want to build a hangar?

Airport Supervisor Mike Roinstad can provide assistance with the necessary information to build a hanger. He can be contacted at 605-668-5288.

I am flying to Yankton for the day to visit family, do you have a courtesy car I can use?

Yes. The Yankton airport does have a courtesy car.

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Do you provide water services for those who reside in the county?

The Water Deptartment does provide water to county residents under pre-arranged conditions.

What is the pH level of our water?

Our pH level is between 8.8 and 9.0.

How much water do Yankton residents consume each day?

The city averages about 2.3 million gallons of water a day.

Is our water system safe in the post-9/11 world?

Yes, the Water Department has taken the necessary security steps in order to ensure the safety of our drinking water.

Why is my water cloudy?

This normally occurs in the winter.  Cold water dissolves more oxygen than the temperature of the water during spring, summer or fall. When the water is transferred through the pipes, it can warm. When you finally get your water from the sink, it comes out cloudy. The clouds are thousands of tiny bubbles of oxygen being released from the water. After a few minutes the cloudiness should disappear.

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Parks and Recreation:

How can I obtain information on recreation programs for kids?

You can go to the Summit Activities Center Web site to find information about recreation programs. You can also pick up a summer recreation brochure at the Summit Activities Center. If you are interested in registering your child, you can sign up at the Summit Activities Center.

Are there any recreation programs for adults?

Yes, please check the Parks and Recreation Web site or the Summer Brochure to learn more about the adult recreation programs. Yankton has two of the largest programs in the state. The volleyball league has up to 150 teams. The co-ed softball program is the largest in the state of South Dakota.  Other activities include adult swimming lessons, basketball and much more. If you are interested in registering, you can sign up at the Summit Activities Center or mail in the necessary information.

What are the Summit Activities Center pool hours?

Open Swim:

Chech out the Summit Activities Center pages for the current Open Swim Schedule.

Lap Swimming / Water Walking:

A lap swimming lane is available at all times for lap swimmers. Please call the SAC at 668-5234 for additional lap swimming information.

Please contact the Summit Activities Center to reserve the facilityís pool for a private swimming party.

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Can I allow my dog to run off-leash in a City park?

No, dogs must be leashed when in Yankton City Parks. As of August 2009, the City of Yankton has completed and opened the Marne Creek West Off-Leash Dog Area, located on West City Limits Road. At the off-leash area, dog owners may bring their pets inside a fenced green space and then take them off their leash.

How many parks are there in Yankton?

The city maintains 14 parks: Riverside Park, Memorial Park, Sertoma Park, the Auld-Brokaw Trail, Tripp Park, Westside Park, Augusta Park, Crockett Park, Rotary Park, Morgen Park, Aviation Park, Ridgeway Park, Marne Creek West Greenway and Waterworks Park.

What is the cost of reserving a shelter at a City park?

The cost for reserving a small shelter is $40.00 a day. A large shelter costs $50.00 a day. Sales tax will be applied to both rates. Restroom facilities will be closed and water turned off on October 31 and reopen on May 1. City park shelters may be reserved Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m by stopping at the Summit Activities Center, by phone at (605) 668-5234 or email.

What is the cost for reserving the Dakota Territorial Capitol building?

The capitol building rents for $60.00 per day + taxes.

What is the cost to join an activity?

The amount of money you pay depends on the activity you join. The amount of equipment involved and whether lighting or referees are needed all affect the total price. The summer recreation page has the prices for all events.

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Can I register online?

Yes. For more information, please visit our online registration site.

How much does a Summit Activities Center membership cost?

Click here for all of our options .

Is the Department of Parks and Recreation associated with Lewis and Clark Lake?

No, the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks owns and operates the Lewis and Clark camping area.

How much has the Department of Parks and Recreation grown in the past decade?

The department has grown substantially.  The biggest change has been the transformation from a seasonal department to a full-time department. This change has been made mostly because of the Summit Activities Center and Marne Creek. Because of the Fox Run Golf Course and the Summit Activities Center, we have hired an additional seven full-time employees.  We have gone from 50-60 seasonal employees to over 200 throughout the department.

How do you work with special interest groups like baseball or volleyball players?

Those programs have been successful because of the volunteer leadership from the special interest groups and the cooperative effort to provide and maintain facilities for recreational use.

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Where are job openings posted?

The City posts job openings in the Press & Dakotan, the One-Stop Career Center, the City Job Openings web page and internally throughout the departments for a two-week period.

Where do I go to pick up an application?

You can pick up an application at the Human Resources Office, located at 416 Walnut Street, or the One-Stop Career Center, located at 3113 Spruce Street. Resumes may be handed in along with an application. An application must be filled out for consideration for the job.

I am applying for a job at the Library, do I bring my resume back to Personnel or do I give it to the Library?

All applications must be returned to Personnel.

Can I submit my resume to be kept on file?

No, this policy makes it quite difficult to know which job the submitter would be most effective at. The City will only accept applications for open positions. If you do not get the job, the City does keep the application for one year. If you want to apply for another City job after that, contact Personnel at 668-5222 and notify them to re-use your application for another opening.

How long does it take before I know if I got the job?

It depends on the certain departmentís schedule. A department may not start looking at applications for a week or they may do it right away. You will be contacted either for an interview or you will receive a letter thanking you for your application.

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How do I obtain a restraining order?

If you desire to obtain a restraining order, you must have your attorney apply for one at the Yankton County Courthouse.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Police reports are not made public. A police report can only be obtained for a criminal court procedure through the city and/or states attorney.

How do I start a neighborhood watch program?

The City of Yankton does not sponsor such a program; however, there are several ways you can start. You can contact a national organization or you can start one with your neighbors independently of any organization.

Where do I file a complaint?

Complaints are filed at the Police Department at 410 Walnut Street or call 668-5210.

How do I find information about Registered Sex Offenders?

The Police Department holds the sex offender registry for the entire county. It is open to the public at any time. You can also access the information here. The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation maintains a dot-density map of registered sex offenders for the State of South Dakota.

How do I contact the Police Department for non-emergency calls?

You can reach the Police Department at 668-5210.

How big is the department?

The department has twenty-six sworn officers, eight dispatchers, one animal control officer and two secretaries.

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Public Services:

Where is the Department of Public Services located?

The office of the Department of Public Services is located on the first floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may reach the Department of Public Services by telephone at 668-5251.

Has the City of Yankton adopted building codes?

The City of Yankton has adopted the following building codes that establish the minimum standards for construction.

  • 2003 International Building Code
  • 2003 International Residential Code
  • 2003 Uniform Plumbing Code

In addition Yanktonís entire municipal code can be found online here.

Does the City of Yankton require building permits for new structures or alterations and additions to existing structures?

Yes. The City of Yankton requires building permits for new structures and alterations to existing structures. Permits are also required for siding, shingling, decks, sidewalks and driveway reconstruction. The purpose of building permits is to monitor work and activities performed within the public right-of-way. Issuing permits assures that plans comply with Public Services specifications. A building permit can be obtained form the Department of Public Services located on the first floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut. You can also contact the Cityís Building Inspector for more information at 668-5251.

Can I be cited for overgrown vegetation/grass?

Yes. Residents must refrain from allowing overgrown vegetation or rubbish to accumulate in their yards. This situation creates an unsightly appearance for the entire neighborhood. In the case of noxious vegetation, the City may spray or mow the property and bill the owner with for cost.

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Who do I contact if I have a weed or nuisance complaint?

The Cityís weed ordinance is posted along with other municipal codes online. Residents have the responsibility to control vegetation on their property. If weeds become a nuisance, the City will take action. Please contact Public Services at 668-5251 to file a complaint.

Is it illegal to park in my yard or on my lawn?

Parking in the front yard setback is prohibited, it is a violation of City Ordinance.

How do I find out if I need a permit to landscape my yard?

Typically, permits are not needed on private property, but there are regulations concerning boulevards and landscaping at street intersections that may impact your landscape design. Contact the Public Services office at 668-5251 for more information.

How do I find out if I need a permit to construct a fence?

Permits are not usually required for fences; however, there are height restrictions based on the area of town where you live. If you need to know the height restrictions, please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 or click here to read the municipal code of ordinances.

If I want to complain about a construction or nuisance issue, what information do I need to provide to City officials?

Complaints may be filed with Yanktonís Building Official, in person, by mail or telephone. You should identify the specific complaint or nuisance; provide your name, address and telephone number (this information is essential and kept confidential); the location of the problem including street name and house number; and a specific description of complaint. You may reach the Building Official at 668-5251 or stop by the Public Services Office located on the first floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut.

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Do I need a permit for a sign?

The City of Yankton has an ordinance governing the placement of signs in the community. Sign permits can be obtained from the Department of Public Services located on the first floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut. It is a good idea to contact the City before purchasing your sign to ensure that it meets the requirements of City Ordinance. The sign ordinance is posted online here.

Does the City of Yankton license contractors?

Yes, the City of Yankton licenses plumbing, sewer, water, electrical and sign contractors. To learn more about the licensing requirements for these types of contractors, please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251.

What are the setback requirements in my neighborhood?

Setbacks are the areas of open space between a building or parking area and the lot line. The setback requirements vary depending on where you live. It is best to contact Public Works at 668-5251 to learn more about the setback requirements in your neighborhood. You may also stop by the Public Services Office located on the first floor of City Hall at 416 Walnut.

Do I need a permit to place a storage shed in my backyard?

There is no permit required for the placement of a yard shed if it meets the rear and front setback requirements and is 120 square feet or less. To find out what the setback requirements are in your area, contact Public Services at 668-5221.

I am not sure if I live within the city limits or not, how do I find out?

The Department of Public Works can assist you in determining the boundaries of the city. City zoning requirements also apply to the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, which is a one-mile area outside city limits. It is best to contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 for assistance.

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Does the City spray for mosquitoes?

No. The Yankton County Emergency Management department is responsible for mosquito control in the Yankton area. The county does spray for mosquitoes if it is determined that the mosquito population has reached a level where spraying is warranted. Mosquito numbers are tracked throughout the county by a series of traps that are checked on a regular basis. The county uses a mixture of Biomist and oil to kill mosquitoes. It is very effective and does not harm humans or animals.

Do I need a permit to run a daycare?

Yes, there are yard area and fencing requirements associated with this activity in residential areas. Please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 for information about a Conditional Use Permit.

My neighbor has four dogs, is there some regulation that dictates how many dogs can be on a residential site?

Yes, four or more adult dogs on a site are defined as a kennel. Kennels are not permitted in residential areas.

I want to add a garage in my backyard; may I connect it to my house?

It is possible, but accessory buildings such as garages are regulated differently than principle structures such as houses. Your ability to attach an accessory building to your home is based on the available space on the site. Please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 to make sure all regulations would be met before construction.

How are off-street parking requirements determined?

City ordinance requires a specific number of parking spaces based on the square footage of the building associated with the parking area. Please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 to determine the amount of parking spaces your business will need.

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Do indoor parking stalls count towards the off-street parking requirements defined in city ordinance?

Yes. Indoor parking stalls do meet the requirements. Please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 for more information.

City crews did not pick up my garbage/recyclables. Who should I call to let them know they missed my house?

Please call the Department of Public Services at 668-5251.

When do I need a permit for working in the public right-of-way?

Two types of permits are necessary for any work within the public right-of-way, which includes the portion of land beyond the curb and all the way to the sidewalk. Construction permits are necessary for the construction of driveways, curb drains, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and other types of surface construction. Excavation permits are necessary when digging within the public right-of-way. Before you begin work, please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251 to make sure your plans meet the requirements outlined in City ordinance.

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If I live on a gravel street, what do I have to do to get the street paved?

There is a specific process outlined in State Statute that must be followed in order to pave a street that is presently covered in gravel. A good place to start is to contact the City Engineer in the Department of Public Services by calling 668-5251 or stopping by the office on the first floor of City Hall. It is necessary to fill out a petition requesting the street improvements. The Department of Public Services will then proceed to take the steps necessary to determine whether the street will be paved.

If my water or sewer service line is broken in the street, is it my responsibility to repair it?

Yes. City ordinance states the property ownerís line starts at the water main. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their water and sewer lines. For more assistance, please contact the Department of Public Services at 668-5251.

I live in an area where the City is making street and utility improvements. The water main has been installed but the construction workers have not done anything with it for the past three days, what is going on?

After a new water main has been installed, it must be tested for pressure and bacteria. These tests take about three days to complete. The line will not be put into service until after the tests are successfully completed.

I am concerned about traffic speeding through my neighborhood; can the City install a speed limit sign or lower the speed limit?

The Cityís Engineering Department must complete a traffic study to determine if the federal requirements for sign installation. If the data matches the requirements, a sign can be installed. Please contact the City Engineer at 668-5254.

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Street Department:

Who do I call with questions on a street construction problem?

The Cityís Street Department completes some projects in town, while private contractors are hired for others. The best starting point is to call the Department of Public Services at 668-5251. Public Services staff will determine whether a Street Department crew or contractor is doing the work and then direct your call to the appropriate department. The City holds public information meetings prior to the start of all street reconstruction projects. Those who live in the area or will be affected by the project are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings to voice their concerns.

Who do I call to report a pothole?

Please contact the Street Department at 668-5211.

Who do I call to report a traffic light problem?

Please contact the Street Department at 668-5211.

Where do I report damaged cement/sidewalk?

Please contact the Street Department at 668-5211.

When will the snow plows clear my streets?

The Street Department does its best to plow all of the necessary streets as quickly as possible; however, no specifics can be given about a certain street. The emergency snow routes are plowed first.

When will the street sweeper clean my street?

Street sweeping is a continuous operation. The street sweeper sweeps every road in town. If you do want your street swept, call the Street Department at 668-5211.  The street sweeper will be sent to your street as soon as possible.

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Where does the wastewater go after it has been treated?

The wastewater is released into the Missouri River after it has been thoroughly treated.

Is releasing wastewater into the Missouri River harmful to the environment?

No, all of the wastewater is thoroughly processed.  After treatment, three types of byproducts are formed. Biosolid is a sludge that is generated during treatment and all of that is applied to agricultural land as a fertilizer. It also creates a gas, which is burned to heat the digesters or is destroyed in the waste gas burners of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The treated wastewater is also a byproduct, which is dumped into the Missouri River.

How many gallons of wastewater does the city treat each day?

We treat about 1.8 million gallons of wastewater a day.

How much did the new Wastewater facilities cost?

They approximately cost $12 million.

Do you use chemicals in treating wastewater that are harmful to the environment?

No, in fact, we do not use chemicals to treat anything.

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What are library hours?

Memorial Day to Labor Day

     Monday-Tuesday:           10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

     Wednesday-Thursday:   10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

     Friday-Saturday:             10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

     Sunday:                             Closed

Labor Day to Memorial Day

     Monday-Thursday:          10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

     Friday-Saturday:             10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

     Sunday:                             1  p.m. - 5 p.m.


How many books does the library contain?

The library collection includes over 70,000 items including books, videos and DVDs, audio books and music CDs.

Is the library available for use as a meeting place?

Use of the library conference room is free to all non-profit or volunteer organizations.  Some businesses will have to pay a fee depending on the type of business.  Please call 668-5275 to schedule a time for your meeting.

Is there Internet access at the library?

Yes. The library has 12 computers with Internet connections.

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What is the policy for a lost book?

If you happen to lose a book, you must pay the price of the book and a processing fee.

How long can I keep my books and other materials?

Books are usually checked out for three weeks, but there are some exceptions. Audio/Visual material can be checked out for up to a week.

Once I check out items, how can I renew them?

If you wish to renew your items, you can stop by the library, call the library at 668-5275 or visit to renew your item.

Can I access the library from my home?

Yes. The YCL Homepage and both have a database of our books.  This can also be beneficial because there are over 14 million periodicals on for research purposes.

Does the library have any video equipment?

Yes, the library has a video projector, an overhead projector, a 16mm projector and a sound system available. To use these items, patrons must pay a deposit fee and possibly another fee depending on the equipment chosen.

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