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    Construction - July 1, 2020

  • Huether Family Aquatics Center

    Construction - July 1, 2020

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Walnut Street Design

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The Walnut Street design was strongly influenced by feedback gathered during the design:SD community gatherings held during spring and summer 2017 and by the input from the SDSU Architecture Student event in October 2017. During those events, community members asked for additional spaces in the Meridian District that lend themselves well to community events and gatherings. The new design reflects the thoughts and ideas of the community while encouraging a strong pedestrian and biking connection from Riverside Park and the Meridian Walking Bridge to the events, shopping, and living spaces in the Meridian District. 

The new design makes the area more pedestrian friendly by incorporating wider sidewalks on both sides, large concrete calmers at the corners, and a raised intersection platform at 2nd Street, all of which will help slow the flow of vehicular traffic. Also, to maintain access to businesses, Walnut Street kept two-way traffic with parking on both sides of the street. Specific design elements which were identified during the public meetings and incorporated into the corridor include (click on the links to read more about each specific design element): The Cheryl Ann Sommer Memorial Fire Feature; café tables; hanging light pole flower baskets; landscape beds; lime stone benches; trees as part of a downtown streetscape; up-lighting on trees; white round planters; and the Yankton lanterns. All of these design elements came together to create a visually appealing pedestrian corridor that will enhance future ventures like sidewalk cafes and street music performances.

Proposed Renderings

Walnut Street Project from 2nd St to 4th St

 Walnut Street & 2nd Street Intersection (Looking South)


 Walnut Street & 2nd Street Intersection (Looking North)2ndStWalnutSt

Walnut Street & 3rd Street Intersection

Design Features

Furniture and amenities are designed to draw visitors and residents from recreational opportunities in and around Riverside Park and the Meridian Plaza to the heart of our community.  The Walnut Street design incorporates important design elements from the design:SD effort to help showcase the uniqueness of the Meridian District.

Construction Information

 General Contractor:  Feimer Construction
 Total Construction Bid Award:  $1,974,234
 Total Estimated Project Cost:  $2,325,000
 Estimated Completion Date:  Fall 2018
 Engineering Firm:  Stockwell Engineers – Streetscape
City of Yankton – Street & Utilities
 Project Specification & Design:  Project
 Project Location:  Map


For more information, please contact Brad Moser, City Engineer - City of Yankton Public Works Department at 605-668-5255.


Project Updates

2018-06-04The contractor, Feimer Construction, first started working on the city parking lots along 2nd Street.  For the most part, the removal of pavement, dirt, etc. is complete.  They have hauled in some of the base course and will be working on getting that to grade, in preparation of concrete.  It sounds as if Masonry Components, the subcontractor for concrete, might be on site tomorrow (Tuesday), to start forming for curb and gutter.  Once everything has been graded in the parking lot areas, Feimer Construction plans on starting the concrete removals at the 2nd Street intersection.  This is planned for Wednesday, June 6th. 
The intersection will be completely closed to traffic at that time.

2018-07-09 - The contractor plans to remove the remainder of the pavement up to 3rd Street.  This is scheduled to happen on Wednesday, July 11th.  This section of road will be completely closed in order for the contractor to complete the work they need to do.  Everything north of 3rd Street will remain in place and open to traffic, until the underground work south of 3rd Street is complete.  Sidewalks along the buildings will remain in place for as long as possible.

2018-08-17 - The construction crews, on Walnut Street, have worked tirelessly to get items completed by this Riverboat Days weekend.  The 2nd Street intersection has been opened to east/west traffic.  As a reminder, this is now a raised intersection, so vehicles should travel at a slower speed when passing through the intersection.  Doing so provides a safer environment for all motorists and pedestrians.

The sidewalk on the east side of Walnut Street, from 2nd Street to 3rd Street, will also be open.  The rest of this street section will remain closed.  Barricades, cones and safety tape will be installed to guide you through the area.  Please do not move or cross over any of the construction signage, as these are set to distinguish areas that are potentially dangerous.

Also, on Monday, August 20th, Feimer Construction will be closing Walnut Street, from 3rd to 4th, to start removing the street pavement.  As was the case on the south end of the project, sidewalk will remain in place, or temporary boardwalk will be installed, to provide pedestrian access to all businesses.

2018-08-29 - New water main has been installed on Walnut Street, from 3rd Street to 4th Street. If it passes testing in the next couple days, service lines and storm sewer will be installed starting 9/4. Also on Tuesday, September 4th, the contractor will start sidewalk and concrete installation on the 2nd Street to 3rd Street stretch.