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This page will include updates and information about the project.

Project Description

Removal of existing pavement, installation of new base course, pavement and associated other miscellaneous items from 9th Street to 31st Street.

Construction Information

 General Contractor:  D & G Concrete
 Total Construction Bid Award:  $2,298.163
 Total Estimated Project Cost:  $2,982,757
 Estimated Completion Date:  October 31, 2018
 Engineering Firm:  City of Yankton
 Project Specification & Design:  Project 2017-042
 Project Location:  Map


For more information, please contact Brad Moser, City Engineer - City of Yankton Public Works Department at 605-668-5255.


Project Updates

2018-02-26 - Bid award to D & G Concrete

2018-04-09 - Construction begins.  WCLR will be closed to thru traffic.  Traffic will be allowed to access off of the side streets.  Construction will take place thru the entire summer.  Motorists should utilize alternate routes to reach their destinations.

2018-04-27 - Access for WCLR will be opened up at 30th Street at 4:00 p.m.  The roadway, between 30th and Highway 50, will remain closed as the contractor will be working in that area on Saturday.

2018-04-30 - At 7:00 a.m. traffic control will again be adjusted.  30th Street to Highway 50 will be opened to traffic.  Access for everything north of Benedict Estates and Golf View Estates will need to be from Highway 50.  The Westbrook development, Community Garden / Dog Park, School Administration Building and everything south will still need to access, West City Limits Road, from 21st, 23rd or other side streets.

2018-05-10 - By the end of today, 5/10/18, base course will have been installed down to the 25th Street intersection.  On Monday, May 14, the contractor hopes to remove pavement from 25th Street south to the southern entrance into the YSD Administration Building.  At this time, access for Westbrook Estates, the Dog Park, The Community Gardens, and everything north, will be from Highway 50.  There will be no access to these areas from the south. Residents will utilize the gravel surface until further notice. Access for Westbrook Estate Apartments and the YSD Administration Building will continue to be from the South.

2018-05-17 - Pavement removals, from 25th Street to 23rd Street, will be completed by 5/16/18.  The gravel has been left in place to allow access in and out of Westbrook Estates from the south.  There will be one-way traffic set up for the community garden/dog park.  These vehicles should access from the south and exit to the north.  There has been a change in the schedule for paving.  The concrete contractor will be completing the final grading the gravel, from Golf View Lane to just south of 26th Street, in preparation of paving.  If all goes as planned, the concrete will be in place, for this section, early next week.  There are no further removals planned until this first pave is complete.

2018-05-24 - Access for everyone is unchanged from the last update (2018-05-10) and should remain that way through the weekend.  Pavement removals have started between 21st & 23rd, so that section of roadway is closed to through traffic.  Everyone should utilize 23rd Street to get to Westbrook Estates, the Community Garden/Dog Park, School Administration building or any other location in that area.

2018-05-30 - Due to underground utility work, the intersection of 23rd Street and West City Limits Road (WCLR) will be closed to all traffic, on Thursday, May 31st.  Access, to all properties, on WCLR, north of 23rd, Street will be from 31st Street.  Please follow the traffic control signage that has been installed.  The closure is expected to last 2 days.

2018-06-05 - If all goes well tomorrow, D&G Construction will have the west two lanes paved, from where they left off last time, to south of 23rd Street.  Some of you may have noticed some traffic changes already.  To avoid congestion, we would ask that everyone in the Westbrook Estates residential area and those utilizing the Community Garden/Dog Park, come and go, from 31st Street.  Individuals that need to access the YSD Administration building, the apartment complex or the business park come from 31st Street and exit to 23rd Street.  The traffic control will be set up for ONE WAY TRAFFIC, on the east lane of West City Limits RoadPlease abide by this as it will be impossible for two cars to pass without creating some type of safety concern.  Also when traveling in the one way traffic zone, please lower your speed so you are able to stop quickly, if needed. By the end of today, L&M Radiator, Solid Metals, and Schwann’s will need to access from 23rd Street.  The contractor is in the process of installing base material.  Once done, they will continue with pavement removals, south, to 21st Street.

2018-06-12Shortly after 8:00 am tomorrow, June 13th, pavement removal will continue south on the West City Limits Road (WCLR) project.  Traffic control will be adjusted to provide a full closure of WCLR, from 19st Street, to north of 21st Street.  This will include the intersection of 21st and WCLR.  Please follow the traffic control signage that has been installed.  The closure will remain in place until the west two lanes of traffic have been paved.

2018-06-14The contractor is diligently working to prepare the concrete surface, from north of 25th Street to south of 23rd Street, for traffic.  They have completed the sawing and sealing of the joints.  Currently, they are backfilling with black dirt on the ditch and will be installing gravel on the east side of the pavement, as a safety precaution.  They anticipate having all this work done by the end of today and will swap traffic from the gravel to the concrete.  This provides for 2-way traffic, north of 23rd Street.  The 21st Street intersection will remain closed, for the time being.

2018-06-27Concrete has been poured on the west two lanes to just north of 19th Street.  Once this concrete has had a chance to properly cure and the contractor has sawed and sealed joints, these two lanes will be open for traffic.  Later this morning, the construction crew will continue pavement removals.  They will start where they previously left off near 19th Street and will work their way south to just north of the 15th Street intersection.  In order to minimize congestion and safety issues, this section of road will be closed to thru traffic.  Only local residents or employees should utilize this for access.  As for those north of 23rd Street, the current traffic setup will remain in place.  23rd Street and 31st Street should be your access points onto WCLR.

2018-07-03The new pavement, from north of 19th Street to 23rd Street, will be opened to traffic on July 3rd by late afternoon.  Temporary gravel will be placed at approaches and at 21st Street to allow access.  The contractor has notified us that the section from 15th Street to 19th Street will be closed on Thursday, July 5th.  They will begin removing the pavement that day.  This section will remain closed until it has been paved.

2018-07-19 - The contractor will start the pavement removals from 12th Street to 9th Street today.  For the most part, residents in this area will have access to their homes.  There may be temporary interruptions while the pavement is being removed in the area adjacent to some properties.  Local residents should use side streets to gain access onto 15th Street.  Please stay alert as you pass equipment as they are performing construction activities.

2018-08-02 - On Monday, August 6th, 2018, City staff will be installing signage to reduce the speed limits on West City Limits Road, from 15th Street to 31st Street; and on 21st Street, from Summit Street to West City Limits Road.  A 10 mile per hour (mph) reduction, 45mph down to 35 mph, is being implemented.  The new signs will have additional flags attached to the posts, to help make the signs more visible.  The Yankton Police Department will also be placing the digital speed board, at various locations, as an additional means of notifying the motorists of the change.

2018-08-14 - The west two lanes are complete and now open for traffic, from 9th Street to 31st Street.  They will begin paving the east lane tomorrow.  They will be starting on the north end and working their way south.  This first pave will end somewhere between the two approaches into the YSD Admin Building.  In the location of the paving operation, traffic on the new section will be converted to one lane.  Flaggers will be provided to direct the traffic through this area.  Please follow their instructions and stay alert so that we can avoid accidents and injuries to workers.
2018-08-17 - D&G Construction is ready to prepare for the next paving phase.  Therefore, on Monday, August 20th, the east side of the 23rd Street intersection will be closed.  Crews will be setting string line and trimming gravel, from the YSD Administration Building to just north of 21st Street.  Traffic will be detoured to 21st Street.
2018-08-29 - D&G Construction will be closing the next section of West City Limits Road in preparation for paving.  This will be from north of 15th Street to 21st Street.  At the same time, they will be opening up the 23rd Street intersection, to allow for traffic, and the 15th Street intersection will also remain open for traffic.  The 21st Street intersection will be closed to all traffic. 
2018-09-07 - Paving is completed up to 15th Street, and the 21st Street, 19th Street, and 17th Street intersections are all open. The construction crew is now working on getting 15th Street to 11th Street paved. This means that the 15th Street, 12th Street, and 11th Street intersections will be closed. 


2018-09-11 - The construction crew will be paving the final stretch, from 15th Street to 9th Street,  tomorrow starting at 8 AM, and they should be finished by late afternoon. There will be people flagging traffic through the one way area, so expect delays if traveling through this stretch. 

2018-09-24 - Around 9 am tomorrow, The 23rd Street intersection will be closed to allow the contractor to finish installing concrete at the approach.  The street will remain closed for approximately a week.  During the closure, traffic will be detoured to 21st Street.

2018-10-02 - The intersection of 21st Street and West City Limits Road will be closed to traffic tomorrow shortly after 9:00 am.  This will allow the contractor to complete the concrete installation in that location.  The street will remain closed for approximately a week.  During the closure, traffic will be detoured to either 19th Street or 23rd Street.

2018-10-13 - The project is complete!


Adam Haberman, Public Works Director 
416 Walnut Street
Yankton, SD 57078
Phone: (605) 668-5251