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This page will include updates and information about the project.

Project Description

Removal of existing pavement, installation of new base course, pavement and associated other miscellaneous items from 9th Street to 31st Street.

Construction Information

 General Contractor:  D & G Concrete
 Total Construction Bid Award:  $2,298.163
 Total Estimated Project Cost:  $2,982,757
 Estimated Completion Date:  October 31, 2018
 Engineering Firm:  City of Yankton
 Project Specification & Design:  Project 2017-042
 Project Location:  Map


For more information, please contact Brad Moser, City Engineer - City of Yankton Public Works Department at 605-668-5255.


Project Updates

2018-02-26 - Bid award to D & G Concrete

2018-04-09 - Construction begins.  WCLR will be closed to thru traffic.  Traffic will be allowed to access off of the side streets.  Construction will take place thru the entire summer.  Motorists should utilize alternate routes to reach their destinations.

2018-04-27 - Access for WCLR will be opened up at 30th Street at 4:00 p.m.  The roadway, between 30th and Highway 50, will remain closed as the contractor will be working in that area on Saturday.

2018-04-30 - At 7:00 a.m. traffic control will again be adjusted.  30th Street to Highway 50 will be opened to traffic.  Access for everything north of Benedict Estates and Golf View Estates will need to be from Highway 50.  The Westbrook development, Community Garden / Dog Park, School Administration Building and everything south will still need to access, West City Limits Road, from 21st, 23rd or other side streets.

2018-05-10 - By the end of today, 5/10/18, base course will have been installed down to the 25th Street intersection.  On Monday, May 14, the contractor hopes to remove pavement from 25th Street south to the southern entrance into the YSD Administration Building.  At this time, access for Westbrook Estates, the Dog Park, The Community Gardens, and everything north, will be from Highway 50.  There will be no access to these areas from the south. Residents will utilize the gravel surface until further notice. Access for Westbrook Estate Apartments and the YSD Administration Building will continue to be from the South.

2018-05-17 - Pavement removals, from 25th Street to 23rd Street, will be completed by 5/16/18.  The gravel has been left in place to allow access in and out of Westbrook Estates from the south.  There will be one-way traffic set up for the community garden/dog park.  These vehicles should access from the south and exit to the north.  There has been a change in the schedule for paving.  The concrete contractor will be completing the final grading the gravel, from Golf View Lane to just south of 26th Street, in preparation of paving.  If all goes as planned, the concrete will be in place, for this section, early next week.  There are no further removals planned until this first pave is complete.

2018-05-24 - Access for everyone is unchanged from the last update (2018-05-10) and should remain that way through the weekend.  Pavement removals have started between 21st & 23rd, so that section of roadway is closed to through traffic.  Everyone should utilize 23rd Street to get to Westbrook Estates, the Community Garden/Dog Park, School Administration building or any other location in that area.


Adam Haberman, Public Works Director 
416 Walnut Street
Yankton, SD 57078
Phone: (605) 668-5251