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River City Recycle Collection Service

1200 West 23rd Street
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Monday through Saturday

The Plastics Recycling Trailer formerly located at the Kmart parking lot has been relocated at the east end of Riverside Park, just north of the City Dog Pound. Please follow rules posted on trailer for disposal.

The City of Yankton RiverCity Recycle Collection Service is a Curbside Recycling Service with a Drop-off Recycling facility provided to the public through the cooperative effort of communities and counties in Southeastern South Dakota. The facility and programs are available to the public and businesses located in Clay and Yankton Counties and portions of Union County and are operated through the Vermillion / Yankton Joint Solid Waste Authority.


Sharps containers are available at all pharmacies in Yankton and at the Recycle Center. When filled, they need to be closed and brought to the Recycle Center Office only for proper disposal. Do not put Sharps in any type of containers in the recycling or garbage.

Recycling Rates & Services

There is no charge to drop-off recyclable materials. The recycling program is supported through the sale of the materials. Please enter by the west door.

The City of Yankton provides Curbside Recycling for it's customers within the Yankton City Limits at no charge. Items are to be sorted and placed in a covered container with a recycling tag attached to the container. Tags can be picked up at Yankton City Hall, 416 Walnut Street or at the Yankton Transfer Station, 1200 West 23rd Street. Just place your Recycling container with the Recycling tag facing the street near, but not next to your garbage on your regularly scheduled garbage pickup up day every other week. To find out what week your Recycling is picked up, you can either print a copy of the calendar by clicking here or picking one up at the Finance Office at City Hall, 416 Walnut Street. You may also call (605)668-5211 for more information.

Helpful Hints for Recycling

All of the following recyclable items can be picked up curbside at your residence if living within the Yankton City limits. Anyone may recycle these items by dropping them off at the Yankton Transfer Station Monday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. at no charge! Grass clippings are also accepted at the Transfer Station during regular hours and on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. during the summer also at no charge.

  • Waste Oil can also be taken to the City of Yankton Transfer Station during regular business hours. Used batteries can be dropped of at the Battery Exchange (West on Old Hwy 50), Yankton Metals & Hedahls Parts Plus.
  • Plastic #1 & #2 - Remove all contents. Please empty your pop bottles, we can't drink the contents and the liquid is a problem at the recycling center. By the way, peanut butter must be cleaned out. On the bottom of most plastics, you will find the recycling chasing arrows and a number from 1 to 7. We recycle only the # 1 and #2.
  • Tin Cans - Clean and remove labels. Remove ends when possible, place into a can with one end on and flatten open end. We really do not want the cat food. If a label is difficult to remove we will accept.
  • Aluminum Cans - Clean and dry. When you are fishing, please do not put the lead weights in your pop cans; when you are smoking or eating candy, please do not put the butts and wrappers in your pop cans. We cannot sell aluminum when contaminated with lead, butts, or paper.
  • Newspaper - Loose, no string, rubber bands, or bags. You may include the slicks and advertising inside the paper. Paper egg cartons accepted.
  • Magazines, Catalogues & Slicks - Loose, no string, rubber bands, or bags. Glossy paged magazines only.
  • Corrugated Cardboard & Paperboard - Layered cardboard, brown paper sacks and paperboard.   Cardboard boxes should be broken down and cut to no larger than 3' x 3' pieces. Paperboard is also accepted (pop, beer or cereal boxes, etc.). Brown paper sacks are accepted.

The following items need to be taken to the transfer station and cannot be picked up curbside.

  • Computer & White Paper - Bond, ledger & letterhead OK. No colored paper. No Rubber bands, paper clips, plastic binders, ream wrap, or carbon paper.
  • Mixed Office & Pastel Paper - Pastel paper, file folder, junk mail including window envelopes, advertising. No rubber bands, paper clips, plastic binders, ream wrap, and no deep bright colored paper. No manila envelopes.
  • Shredded Office Paper - Clear bags preferred. No carbon, glossy slick, intense or bright colored paper. Shredded ledger should not contain window envelopes and shredded paper may not contain magazines or newspaper.
  • Glass - The following types of glass will be accepted: All colors of glass bottles and jars that are emptied, rinsed, and free of contaminants; labels and lids may remain on the jars. Drinking glasses and vases. Unpainted plate glass (windows) as long as the framing is removed (just the glass).

The following will not be accepted

  • Borosilicate lab glass
  • Windshields or safety glass
  • Ceramic or porcelain
  • Leaded crystal
  • Pyrex
No glass will be accepted on the city curbside routes.

Paper Recycling Don'ts

The following materials cannot be recycled. The paper you recycle is sold to mills that grind up the material into pulp and then make the pulp into new paper.  The materials listed below are considered contamination because they will not mix into the new product and can destroy thousands of tons of new recycled paper. The Missouri Valley Recycling  personnel in the Vermillion facility sort all paper that comes through the facility. Many hours are spent taking out the following materials. We cannot sell the paper to market if it contains any of the following materials. Please help us.

Item Type   Why Not!

Carbon paper


All carbons will produce a dark streak or line through the new paper and make it useless.

Toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins, or Kleenex


Products that have come in contact with body fluids are dangerous to recycling employees. The paper is lower grade of paper and often has been produced from recycling to a level it cannot be recycled again.

Deep dye paper of any type

Deep yellow/gold paper, bright colored florescent color


The color will not bleach out will produce a dark streak or line through the new paper and make it useless. Test: Tear the paper if you see white under the colored paper it can be recycled. If the paper is color all the way through it CANNOT be recycled.

Ream wrap, coated paper of any type, waxy or wax coated, blue print paper, papers with oil, crayon, paint art projects


These products are coated or covered with a foreign material. Waxes, paint, crayon, glue are not paper and make the paper contaminated.

Fruits, vegetables, gum or candy wrappers


They are not paper! We have also received tomatoes and zucchinis.

Photos, or film


These are not paper or are paper covered with a heavy emollient that makes the paper non – recyclable.

Brown, cream, oat colored mailing envelopes Over Night air envelopes


Some mailing envelopes fall under the dark color problem, others actually have string fiber cord running through the paper for strength. Both are not recyclable.



The glue is considered a contamination be the paper mills. It gums up the paper making machinery.

Rubber bands, paper clips, binders rings


Rubber, plastic, metal are not paper and cannot be recycled in the paper.

Metal changes at Transfer Station

With the sale of Jensen's Scrap Metal to Yankton Metals, certain items will no longer be accepted. The Yankton Transfer Station asks for the publics help in following these guidelines set up by Yankton Metals when disposing of any items at the Transfer Station.

The following items are NOT ACCEPTABLE AS SCRAP at the Yankton Transfer Station:

  4. SEALED CONTAINER of any kind
  5. PROPANE OR BUTANE cylinders

*BATTERIES- Can be recycled at Wal-Mart, Bomgaars, Battery Exchange and Hedahls Parts Plus.

The following are ACCEPTABLE under the following conditions:

  1. All WHITE GOODS:   Must be free of electric motors and capacitors.
  2. REFRIGERATION APPLIANCES:   Must be properly drained of freon, free of compressors, capacitors and electric motors.
  3. AEROSOL CANS:   Must have a visible hole and be free of any fluids.
  4. 55 GALLON AND OTHER SIZE BARRELS:   Must have one end cutout and free of material (liquid, powder, tar, etc.)



Adam Haberman, Public Works Director 
416 Walnut Street
Yankton, SD 57078
Phone: (605) 668-5251