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Historic Memorial Park Pool Information

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**NOTE:  Some of the links on this page are large files and documents.  Due to the type of materials and size of the files - download performance may be slow.  Thank you for your understanding.

The original grant of the property to the City of Yankton by the Fantle family in 1945 included six conditions.  One of which was:

That the City shall construct upon the aforesaid property, as soon as possible, a modern swimming pool; and the City shall thereafter, continuously, maintain and conduct such swimming pool.

Memorial Park Pool was built in 1947 with a project construction cost of $115,000. The competition style pool is approximately 75' x 165' (12,375 SF) with a maximum depth of 12'.

The 1977 renovation included the installation of a new stainless steel recirculation system, sand filtration and new concrete over the existing pool floor. Estimated remodeling cost $255,000.

1977 Plans

In 1989, the City Commission authorized a bathhouse remodeling project to C-E construction for $72,216. Glen Mannes was the architect on the project and total expenditure was $78,924.18.

In 1991, the City Commission authorized a pool deck improvement project to D&G Construction for $20,728.55. Additionally some pool furniture, electrical work and a concrete retaining wall were included for a total of $30,828.44.

In 1999, the City spent $5,061 to upgrade the chemical feed equipment at the pool.

Documentation of Past Pool Spending

In 2001, the City contracted with Associated Pool Builders, Inc. to complete an assessment of the existing pool ($1,000).  The recommendation from the consultant was to replace the existing facility.  The firm stated:  "In conclusion, your existing pool has lived longer than expected and needs replacement.  It usually takes approximately three years minimum to go through the process of replacing a facility of this size.  You will need to expend funds annually to keep the pool up and running, but we would advise not to do any major renovation to your existing facility."

Memorial Park Pool Assessment

Subsequently the City Commission formed a volunteer task force to review the pool issue and bring a recommendation to the Commission.  The process included the hiring of a consulting firm to aid in developing alternatives and conducting a market analysis for a new facility.  The resulting design concept was chosen from the proposed alternatives and brought forward to the Park Advisory Board and the City Commission for their review.

Yankton Aquatic Center Design Concept

Design Concept Cost Estimate

        Detailed Breakout of the Design Concept Cost Estimate

Market Analysis

        Supplemental Question and Answer

2005 Memorial Pool Usage

Memorial Park Pool Historic Operating Costs / Revenues / Pool Usage

On August 22, 2005 the City Commission passed Resolution #05-49 opting out of the statewide property tax freeze to fund the proposed Yankton Aquatic Center.  The opt out resolution is in the amount of $507,893 annually starting with calendar year 2006 taxes payable in the calendar year 2007 for twenty years.  The estimated annual impact per $100,000 of equalized value is as follows:

Equalized Value                                   Opt Out Amount (Estimated)

   $  50,000                                                       $  55.93

   $  75,000                                                       $  83.90

   $100,000                                                       $111.86

The current facility has a net public subsidy of $50,000 - $75,000 annually.
Consultant's projections for the new facility, based on the market analysis and
business plan, indicate pool revenues would cover operating costs on an annual basis.


The Aquatic Center Opt-Out was voted down 74% to 26% on December 13, 2005.


February 2006 the City Commission appointed a task force to review pool options and bring forward a recommendation to the commission.

Task Force Recommendation

The City Commission directed city staff to come up with a concept of what a renovation / pool addition concept.

Concept Plan 1

Concept Plan 2

Site Plan

American Technical Services Pool Assessment

Renovation Information

MCR Inspection Report - Leak Detection

MCR Inspection Report - Wader

1977 Plan

Bathhouse Floor Plan

Alternate Pool Addition Plan

Property Tax Opt Out Estimates



August 2008 Meeting Discussion & Memo

2008 Banner & Associates Pool Concept Plans



2010 Memorial Pool Master Plan Concept Description

2010 Memorial Pool Master Plan Concept Drawing

2010 memorial Pool Master Plan Concept Phase 1 Cost Estimates

2010 Memorial Pool Master Plan Concept Total Cost Estimate



2016 Updated Memorial Park Aquatics Facility Cost Estimates

2016 Updated Master Plan Cost Estimates

2006 - 2016 Peak Attendance & Days Open Annually



2018 DIY Proposed Aquatics Center Plan Presentation

At the September 24, 2018 City Commission Meeting, Dive In Yankton (DIY) presented a plan to the Yankton City Commission for a proposed aquatics center.  On October 8, 2018 the City Commission will consider DIY's proposed funding package.  The package includes opting out of the statewide property tax freeze to fund the project.  The opt out resolution is in the amount of $884,043 annually starting with calendar year 2019 taxes payable in the calendar year 2020 for twenty years.  The estimated annual impact per $100,000 of equalized value is as follows:

Equalized Value                                   Annual Opt Out Amount (Estimated)

   $  50,000                                                       $  50.81

   $  75,000                                                       $  76.21

   $100,000                                                       $101.61

The current facility has a net public subsidy of $125,000 - $160,000 annually. 

Attendance History

City Election Page


 AquaticsCenterFAQs_Page_1  YanktonCityTaxLevyOptoutEl
 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Pool  Yankton City Tax Levy Opt-out Election Timeline



The City of Yankton operates or manages a variety of public facilities including the Fox Run Golf Course, park shelters, Fantle Memorial Park Pool, and Summit Activities Center.  When setting any facility use rate, an important goal is ensuring accessibility to community members.  To meet that goal, the City examines rates at other regional public and private facilities, evaluates local economic and market conditions, and sets rates based on that research.  The City of Yankton actively works with community organizations, businesses and individuals in the community to develop partnership agreements that ensure those children and families most in need have the assistance necessary to access the facilities.

After the completion of the new aquatics facility the City will use the same methodology to set the rates.  Current rates for Memorial Park Pool are shown in the table below.

2018 Memorial Pool Rates

 Type  Daily Rate  Season Pass  Season Pass w / SAC Discount
 Individual  $6.00  $50.00  $40.00
 Family  $12.00  $100.00  $80.00


Operating Costs

Memorial Park Pool operating and maintenance cost for the past years has averaged between $108,000 and $198,000.  Fluctuations in the cost can be attributed to opening costs, ongoing maintenance and upkeep, utilities, days of operation and chemical costs. 

The overall age of the pool and the annual maintenance costs contribute to the large variation. These operating costs do not include any allocation of time from any full-time city staff including parks and recreation employees, for opening, maintaining, operating, programming or managing the facility.
When final design is completed the operating cost of the new facility can be more accurately forecasted.  Preliminary estimates project the new aquatics facility operating costs between $225,000 and $300,000 due to the changes in staffing requirements, operating cost for two bodies of water and amenities.  The use of newer technology will help lower some of the operating costs for chemicals, electricity and water usage.  Communities operating similar facilities experienced increases in attendance which offset some of operating cost increase.  As with the current pool, the new aquatics facility will be supported by the City’s general fund budget.


For further information please call the Department of Parks and Recreation Office at 668-5231.