• Huether Family Aquatics Center

    Construction - July 1, 2020

  • Huether Family Aquatics Center

    Construction - July 1, 2020

  • Walnut Street

    Newly completed Walnut Street project

  • Yankton 4th of July Fireworks

    Yankton's annual 4th of July fireworks show over the Missouri River.

  • Meridian Bridge

    Winter Scene

  • Fire Prevention Week

    Fire Prevention Week

  • Lewis & Clark Lake

    Lewis & Clark Lake

  • Jim River Bridge

    Jim River Bridge

  • Lake Area Trail

    Lake Area Trail

  • Meridian Bridge Moonlight

    Meridian Bridge Moonlight

  • Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

    Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

  • Walnut Street

    Walnut Street

  • Bragging Rights

    Bragging Rights

  • Downtown Streetscape

    Yankton's Downtown

  • Lewis & Clark Lake

    Missouri River Bluffs

  • 4th of July

    4th of July Fireworks Show

  • Riverside Park

    Riverside Park

  • Meridian Bridge Fog

    Meridian Bridge Fog

  • Meridian Bridge Winter

    Meridian Bridge Winter

  • Meridian Bridge Fall

    Yankton Meridian Bridge Fall

  • Lewis & Clark Lake

    Lewis & Clark Lake walking trails.

  • Rockin' Ribfest

    June 3-4

  • Yankton Marina

    Yankton Marina

  • Yankton Missouri River

    Yankton Missouri River

  • Fishing the Missouri

    Missouri River Yankton

  • Meridian Bridge

    Meridian Bridge

  • Ice Sailing

    Missiouri River Ice Sailing

  • Yankton Riverside Park Winter View

    Yankton Riverside Park Winter View

  • Missouri River Yankton

    Merry Christmas

  • Yankton Discovery Bridge

    Yankton Discovery Bridge

2019 Flood UAV Images

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2019_flood_pre_post_imageryThis imagery was collected as part of the City of Yankton’s effort to assess damage from the recent flooding event, and to prepare for anticipated Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance funding.  The goal of providing this imagery to the public is to help citizens understand the scope of damage while discouraging anyone from visiting the area along Marne Creek. 

The trail is closed, and will remained closed to the public for the foreseeable future.  Sections of the trail are washed out, and in other areas mud, silt, and debris are covering the concrete.  There are areas of manicured turf or sidewalk that look safe, but undermining has occurred and those edges may fall into the creek with additional weight as people walk on them to get a “better” look.  More erosion is occurring as the frost comes out of the ground and areas being held up by frozen ground are currently falling into the creek.  As normal spring rains occur, there will likely be even more erosion.

Barriers are in place, orange safety fence has been erected, and no trespassing signs have been posted along the trail.  Please understand that according to South Dakota Codified Law 22-35-6 entering or refusing to leave property after notice is a misdemeanor.  The Yankton Police Department will enforce this law as a matter of public safety.  The City of Yankton thanks all citizens and avid trail users for their cooperation. For more information, please call the Park and Recreation Department at 668-5231.

Click Here for Interactive Aerial Image Viewer - Imagery may be slow to load due to the file size.


Additional Images of Marne Creek are in the process of being captured and processed.

Yankton County Emergency Management did these flyovers videos of the creek after the disaster.