City of Yankton offices including City Hall are closed to the public; however, staff is available to assist residents by phone, email, or through online services.  Regular garbage and recycling collection are not impacted.  Police, fire and other emergency services continue to operate as normal, with only minor safety precautions affecting their day to day operations.  The Yankton Community Library and the Summit Activity Center are also closed.  The City Commission unanimously approved an ordinance temporarily closing on-site services at some businesses and limiting public gathering.  For a guide to closures and full text of the ordinance, visit

  • Walnut Street

    Newly completed Walnut Street project

  • Yankton 4th of July Fireworks

    Yankton's annual 4th of July fireworks show over the Missouri River.

  • Meridian Bridge

    Winter Scene

  • Fire Prevention Week

    Fire Prevention Week

  • Lewis & Clark Lake

    Lewis & Clark Lake

  • Jim River Bridge

    Jim River Bridge

  • Lake Area Trail

    Lake Area Trail

  • Meridian Bridge Moonlight

    Meridian Bridge Moonlight

  • Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

    Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

  • Walnut Street

    Walnut Street

  • Bragging Rights

    Bragging Rights

  • Downtown Streetscape

    Yankton's Downtown

  • Lewis & Clark Lake

    Missouri River Bluffs

  • 4th of July

    4th of July Fireworks Show

  • Riverside Park

    Riverside Park

  • Meridian Bridge Fog

    Meridian Bridge Fog

  • Meridian Bridge Winter

    Meridian Bridge Winter

  • Meridian Bridge Fall

    Yankton Meridian Bridge Fall

  • Lewis & Clark Lake

    Lewis & Clark Lake walking trails.

  • Rockin' Ribfest

    June 3-4

  • Yankton Marina

    Yankton Marina

  • Yankton Missouri River

    Yankton Missouri River

  • Fishing the Missouri

    Missouri River Yankton

  • Meridian Bridge

    Meridian Bridge

  • Ice Sailing

    Missiouri River Ice Sailing

  • Yankton Riverside Park Winter View

    Yankton Riverside Park Winter View

  • Missouri River Yankton

    Merry Christmas

  • Yankton Discovery Bridge

    Yankton Discovery Bridge

Yankton Engineering Department

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The work accomplished in the Engineering section represents the assistance to Public Services and other City departments for capital improvement projects along with administration of program changes.  The personnel are funded as an internal service of the general fund.  This group manages outside agency contracts and coordination with other government agencies.  City capital improvement projects are designed and administrated by the engineering staff.

Routine responsibilities of this division are flood plain boundary identification, plat review, approval of infrastructure designs and construction coordination of private developments, materials testing, city mapping and quality control of construction activities associated with public infrastructure.

Specific skills of the employees include the use of a computerized survey system and Auto Cad, street design and drainage criteria manual techniques, traffic studies, ASTM materials testing and quality control, provisions for public agency contracting, utility design, and an understanding of regulations associated with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of Transportation.

Engineering considerations are necessary to insure the development of the community occurs in a logical and financially responsible fashion. These engineering considerations are addressed through the efforts of this section.  Projects such as the Keystone Pipeline, provisions of the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP), addressing the accumulative effect of residential and industrial site development, redevelopment opportunities, drainage system changes, changing utility use and traffic patterns, expansion of the community to the lake area, and other aspects of the City growth are addressed by this group’s effort. 


Adam Haberman, Public Works Director 
416 Walnut Street
Yankton, SD 57078
Phone: (605) 668-5251